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Rules of Etiquette When Meeting An Escort In Istanbul


Our independent escorts in Istanbul have one goal in mind: to turn your date into an exquisite, romantic encounter. But just because you’re paying for her time, doesn’t mean she isn't human.

Our elite ladies are not to be confused with your typical call girl. Educated, elegant, and beautiful beyond belief, these striking ladies are devoted to making your time together a magical experience. So whatever occasion you need a companion for, it’s vital you return the favour and make her night just as memorable as yours. After all, a difficult client is almost never invited back, so knowing your manners is vital.

Listed below are some rules of etiquette you should keep in mind when meeting your companion, so take a quick look. You might just learn something new.

Looks Matter!

As you well know, there’s no such thing as effortless beauty. Although the natural charm and wit of our models play a major part in captivating your senses, it’s how they look that really seals the deal - so why shouldn’t the same apply to you?

Be sure to spruce yourself up before she graces you with her presence! Have a shower, clean your teeth, trim your fingernails, and make sure your hair, beard, and private parts are well-groomed. It’s also important that you dress in a sophisticated manner because making an effort with your appearance shows that you respect both yourself and your date.

Honesty and Respect Goes a Long Way

The golden rule of respect is vital when meeting a high-end escort. For the date to go smoothly, you need to treat her warmly, make her feel comfortable, and answer all her questions honestly.

If you want a service that she doesn’t provide, the worst thing you can do is be forceful with your demands. Instead, keep your companion’s wishes in mind and back off gracefully. Elite escorts should already know what your intentions are even before the date kicks off, so be sure to make your specific desires clear when placing your booking. By being polite and respectful, you’ll already be ticking all the right boxes.

Keep It Professional

High class escorts are professionals and should be treated as such. So, as you may have guessed, punctuality is very important. If you arrive late to your date, not only are you losing precious minutes from your booking, but you and your escort are almost guaranteed to get off on the wrong foot. If for some reason you’re not able to show up on time, call her and let her know as soon as possible.

Also, try to avoid sounding patronising or condescending when conversing, and most importantly, don’t have too many drinks during your date. An intoxicated client is enough to ruin anyone’s evening, so maybe just stick to the one pint if you need to settle your nerves.

Be Discreet

Discretion is a vital aspect of the escorting world. After all, a high-class escort wants as much privacy as you do, if not more. So when talking, don’t ask her to share details about her personal life, especially where money is concerned. Instead, aim to establish trust and make her feel as comfortable as possible.

You may think this is unfair when she starts to ask about you but don’t forget, this is for her own safety. Once she warms to you and you eventually become a repeat client, only then may she be comfortable enough to share personal details.

Give Her the Five-Star Treatment She Deserves

When it comes to setting the mood, fine dining is a no-brainer. Before you book a VIP escort, keep in mind that the location you choose to meet in will tell her what kind of person you are. So, by choosing a hotel that is classy and luxurious, you’re already off to a good start.

Listed below are just some of the classy Istanbul restaurants we’ve come across:

- Mikla Restaurant

- 1924 Istanbul

- Lokanta 1741

- The Maiden’s Tower

Now onto the Main Event

That’s the foreplay over with… now you’re ready to set up a meeting with your elegant escort! Remember, your companion is a human being with feelings too, so behave as a gentleman would and stick to our advice. Good luck!

Looking to hire an escort? Browse our Istanbul escort gallery and find the companion of your desires today.

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